Tuesday, July 25, 2017

London calling! LFCC this weekend!

This weekend it's the huge London Film and Comic Con that runs for three days at Olympia (28th to 30th July). There are at least 50 comics guests attending plus loads of actors from film and TV, authors, and even a few wrestlers! Some really big names there this year! This is the major comics/fantasy media event of the summer so I hope to see some of you there.

You'll find us on the first floor, and this floor plan shows you where to find the comics guests...

I'll be at Table 21 for all three days selling my comics and drawing sketches on request but I'm also booked to do a panel etc., so here's my schedule. (Bear in mind it may be subject to change but this is how it stands at present.)


2PM: SIGNING (45 Minutes) – Signing Area


12PM: SIGNING (45 Minutes) – Signing Area

12PM: ARTISTS PORTFOLIO SESSION (45 Minutes) – Portfolio Room

You can see the schedules for all the artists/writers at this link:

For all the info about the event; ticket prices, directions to the venue, etc. see here:

See you there! If you have any questions specifically for me about the show, post them below and I'll try to answer them before the weekend. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Leo Baxendale's Big Chief Pow Wow

In the mid to late 1960s, Leo Baxendale quit freelancing for Odhams and set his sights on the better paying Fleetway comics instead. One of the strips he produced there was Big Chief Pow Wow for Buster comic. The strip ran from 14th September 1968 to 31st January 1970. (Some were fill-ins by other artists.)

Here's a small selection of Leo's pages. 

Thor: Ragnarok, - Official Trailer

The San Diego Comic Con took place this weekend (no, I wasn't there) and amongst the promos unveiled there was this dazzling new poster for Thor: Ragnarok, the 17th film in the Marvel Studios movie universe. I really like it; well composed, a change from the norm, and so colourful! 

A new trailer was released too. Want to see it? Click below...

If you want to catch up with what's happening in Thor's world on the newsstands, the latest issue of Marvel Legends is out now in WH Smith and selected newsagents. Here's the cover to look out for, and the content info...

Marvel Legends Vol. 3 #13. On sale 20th July 2017.
76 Action-Packed pages featuring Marvel’s ‘Big 3’ – Iron Man, Captain America and Thor! £3.99!

A Civil War II chapter! While Civil War II rages, behind the scenes Captain America has his own plans! 

Plus, A Civil War II chapter! War Machine is dead! And why does Doctor Doom want be Tony Stark's BFF?!!

Also, Thor is dying! Roxxon Island is going to crush New York! Can Jane Foster save the Goddess of Thunder in time?!! (Waitaminute! Isn't Foster actually Thor?!!)

By Nick Spencer, Jesús Saiz, Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman!
Includes material reprinted from Captain America: Steve Rogers #5, Invincible Iron Man Vol. 8 #13, and Thor #11 and 12!


While I'm at it, want to see the poster for next year's Black Panther movie too? Here you go. It's another thing of beauty...

...and moving even further ahead, here's the official poster for Avengers Infinity War, released in May 2018, starring everyone...

Christmas Special 2017 Trailer – Doctor Who – BBC

This looks like it'll be a brilliant ending for Peter Capaldi's tenure as Doctor Who.

"The Twelfth Doctor comes face to face with his past in his final adventure. Twice Upon A Time coming Christmas 2017."

Sunday, July 23, 2017

BUSTER AND COR!! - First merged issue (1974)

At fifteen years old in 1974 I was going through my "British comics are just for kids" phase and didn't really appreciate what a good comic the merged Buster and Cor!! was. At the time, I was beginning to "grow out" of humour comics and stopped buying Buster shortly after. 

In truth, Buster and Cor!! was a solid comic with some great talent working on it. At 15, I was too old for it of course, but in retrospect, looking at it from a creative viewpoint, it was one of the best comics around at that time. Let's take a look at a few of the strips from this first merged issue...

One of the significant things about this issue is that the Buster strip itself saw a change of artist from Angel Nadal to Reg Parlett (who also drew the front cover). I'd grown up with Nadal's version and wasn't too keen on the change, but it can't be denied that Parlett was ideally suited to the strip and its fast paced slapstick situations...

The merger also saw some new strips starting that week that hadn't been seen in either Buster or Cor!! before. One of which was Snooper, by the always-wonderful Leo Baxendale...

Whenever comics merged, it was always a concern that some favourites would be pushed out. Thankfully, Ken Reid's excellent Faceache strip had proved popular to survive. (A collection of Faceache strips will be published by Rebellion in November.)

Another new strip was Marney the Fox, written by Scott Goodall and drawn by John Stokes. It was rare for strips in Buster to tug on the emotions as much as Marney did but it made for compelling reading. (Marney the Fox is another collection coming from Rebellion this year, and the one I'm looking forward to the most.)

Val's Vanishing Cream was one of the strips that had transferred over from Cor!! and was drawn by Mike Lacey. A typical IPC humour strip in that it featured a kid with a gimmick. That could restrict the humour somewhat but this is a good episode...

This issue gave the comic the opportunity to fill in new readers with the backstory of Fishboy before he embarked on a new adventure. A kind of British equivalent to Aquaman, this is another strip by Scott Goodall and John Stokes that deserves collecting.

There was a lot of good material in this issue and this was just a sample of pages. Rebellion now own a lot of classic material ripe for reprinting so I hope that readers support the Treasury of British Comics books so that we see more!

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